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In this auspicious year of 2010, the 20th issue of the school magazine "SINDHU PUSHP" has been published. We hope, we trust the current "SINDHU PUSHP" issue will prove to be the most precious and gorgeous one. Simultaneouly, this magazine will win the heart of each and every reader. This unique "Sindhu Pushp" contains different thoughts, imaginery stories and beautiful verses of students as a whole. Their literary contributions have been explained and guided by the editors of the magazine very coherently.

The following message for the student community in this magazine is note worthy. The very message must be implemented by the tought in order to get success with flying colours.

"Students, you must study sincerely and seriously for progress and prosperity in life. Simple living and high thinking should be the goal of your life. In other words, simplicity and sincerity in any field are the real gems of life. Avoid the foul company and make permanent friendship with best "Books" and "Ideal persons". Remember books are never ending friends. They lead you from darkness to light. An ideal company will make you great personalities and high dignitories of the world one day. Guardians must keep the vigilliant eye on their children to check their note-books and company from time to time. They must treat with them psychologically as well as tactfully.

In any field of life and for the achievement of the grand success, the unceasing efforts, a number of responsibilities and financial aids are required. The literary, precious treasure in "Sindhu Pushp"has been transmitted to you after getting the financial help from the donors and philonthropists.They have financially helped the school in publishing this magazine "Sindhu Pushp" with generosity. For the development and uplifement of this prestigeous institution and for the longevity of the Sindhism, (i.e. for sindhi literature, sindhi culture and sindhi language as a whole).

Mrs. Ratna B Gulhar


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