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IKen Infrastructure

We are into the age of technology. Computer aided education has become the need of the hour. We have worked tenaciously during the last few months to put on our classrooms equipped for iken School the so called Smart Classrooms and these classrooms are ready in its new avatar in this session.

We have empowered teaching through digital classroom. Computer assisted instruction is an interactive instructional method that uses a computer to present material, track learning and direct the user to additional material, which meets the student’s needs.

A proportionate blend of text, graphics, animation, audio and video enhance the learning process. The class rooms are equipped with hardware and syllabus based software. This software can empower the teacher to teach and create interest in the learning process. Digital classroom bridges the gap between the traditional teaching pattern and high profile technology. Students become participants not just listeners or observers. Teachers recognize that their role in no longer that of a presenter of information and that students are no longer sponges for facts.

Primary/Secondary/H.Secondary section

With the aim to carry out easy teaching learning process in the school, Digital lab was set up by Mrs. & Mr. Notani in the month of July. The Teaching learning process was started in the month of August.  Few teachers of our school were trained by the experts of Mexus Education Institute. The training was imparted to the teachers by the experts so that teachers can efficiently and effectively operate the digital system and hence expertise the system easily. Digital system in the from of Audio-Visual aid was first utilized for the classes 7th, 8th and 9th.  Main subjects viz. Maths, Science, English, S.S. were taught using digital system.


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