Hari Shewa Ishwaribai Buxani
English Academy

Event - Farewell Party

Year 14-15

Our school Hari Shewa I.B.English academi, every year bid a farewell party to std. XII by giving them best wishes and good luck for their better future. This year also std. XI gave a farewell party to std. XII in a unique way, on 25th February, 2015 at memorial in the school. Students of std. XI put up different functions like comedy skit, dance singing song and many more. To make that day unforgotable, std. XI presented the gift of photo frame to each student of std. XII with their particular photo� inside. And at last the programme ended by the blessings of the teacher with the lunch of mouthfill tasty Biryani, Papad and Soft drinks.

Date / Time : 25/02/2015
Place : School Memorial hall

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