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Event - Children day

year 14-15

Children day

On 14th Nov., Friday our school celebrated the childrens day Chacha Nehru's day in school Assembly hall in 7th, 8th period at 12 p.m. All the teachers prepared special activity for childrens to make their day special addition to peom, song, speech, stories our principal mam also sang a song for children. At last the programme was ended with appreciating and thanking speech devoted to the school children and sweets were distributed among all children.

1. Friday Prayer

2. Song by Principal Mam

3. Speech by Pinaking Sir

4. Poem by Yasmin Mam

5. Song by Rajni & Rashka Mam

6. Stories by Hema Mam

7. Jokes by Rajiv Sir

8. Thanking Speech Deepika Mam.

Date / Time : 14/11/2014
Place : School

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