Hari Shewa Ishwaribai Buxani
English Academy

Event - Nutritious Food Day's Celebration (K.G.Section)

Year 14-15

Nutritious Food Day's Celebration (K.G.Section)

'Healthy Children is the real wealth of the nation, following this K.G.Section celebrated Nutrititious food day on 29th Sept. In advance all class teachers properly explained about the nutritious food, it's benefits and various deficiency diseases to the students and instructed to bring any one raw/cooked healthy food in the lunch box. In assembly the teachers sang an action rhyme related to benefits of healthy food and then the students were said to eat and share their lunch box with their �friends. At the end, the teachers insisted them to eat all nutritious food like grains, pulses, vegetables, cereals, eggs and milk regularly. They were warned to avoid some unhealthy food like junk and oily foods. Really, all the children got aware by this celebration.�

Date / Time : 29/09/2014
Place : School

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