Hari Shewa Ishwaribai Buxani
English Academy

Event - Karate

Year 14-15

Students from Std. I to VIII do Karate It is believed that self defence is a vital component to life in our unfortunately tro-violent world to increase self-confidence and self esteem of every student. The self defense training is tought. Ketko-Kan martial Art is mainly for development of Kung-Fu and Karate. Advantages of martial Art is an Excellent, Health ful means of physical conditioning and it requires deep concentration which leads to high mental, moral and spiritual discipline. This is the common course for the students eg. elbow techniques.

Stright-line punch defenses hook-punch defenses etc. At the end of every year Karate exam is arranged of each belt rank storing from yellow certificate to black belt. Till now students have achived yellow certificate, orange belt, purple belt etc.�

Date / Time : 09/06/2014
Place : School

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