Hari Shewa Ishwaribai Buxani
English Academy

Event - Science Exhibition (CRC Level)

Year 14-15

Science Exhibition

On 25-07-2014 Science Exhibition was held at CRC-Level Shri Vallabh� School �in which our school Hari Shewa I.B. English Academy presented a project for Information and communication Technology to avoid chaos and Confusion during natural calamity.� Two students Master Sagar Bhatia of std. VIII and Ms. Bhumika Harwani of std. VII �presented the project by explaining how the metrological department and flood control room function during the flood situation. It was a very good learning experience for our students who got a chance to speak in front of the many people. School teachers Rajiv Israni & Hema Chandwani guided the students for the project few students Heena Patnani, Anshu Mangtani, Nidhi Lowani, Sarita Ganwan also helped for making charts which were displayed in the Exhibition� Finally the projected has been selected for district level.

Date / Time : 25/07/2014
Place : Vallabh Vidhyalay

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