Hari Shewa Ishwaribai Buxani
English Academy

Event - P.T.A.Meeting

Year 14-15

P.T.A. Meeting:

A parent - teacher association (PTA) is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school.

P.T.A. meeting was held on

18/6/14 for Std I & II morning time and for Std. III & IV after recess time.

On 19/6/14 for Std. V & VI morning time and for Std. VII & VIII after recess time.

On 20/6/14 for Std. IX & X morning time and for Std. XI & XII after recess time.

It was good feedback from all parents, In the meeting. �Academic syllabus,�rules and regulations were discussed.

The Patten of teaching was elaborated to parents. Quarries of parents were solved by teachers. Reports of school was presented by principal madam.

Date / Time : 18/06/2014
Place : School Memorial hall

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