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English Academy

Event - Seminar on Motivation

Year 13-14

The T.I.M.E. group organised a seminar on Motivation on 9th Feb. 2014 at Sayajirao Gruh Akota. Students of std.XI attended the seminar.� Total 13 students accompanied by Yasminmam & Anjanamam.� The speaker of the seminar was Mr. Manish Gupta.

It was a wonderful seminar full of energy & it really Motivated the students. Daily life examples were given so that each one can easily connect to the topic. Few things which he emphasised, were taking our own responsibilities, being a contribute to the society, to think before taking any discision & not regreting after� discision� is taken. Being positive & self confident, will definately lead them to success.

All students enjoyed the seminar & were charged up to take their rresponsibilities.

Date / Time : 09/02/2014
Place : Sayajirao Gruh, Akota

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