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President’s Message :

I am pleased to have in hand the 5th issue of our school Magazine “Kalpa Vruksh”  which is a Kaleidoscope of curricular and  co-curricular activities prizes won  and achievements made in varied fronts. Congratulations to all teachers and students, whose concerted efforts is helping our school to grow steadily. I am associated with this school since inception and therefore  witness to thousands of students who have passed out and settled down in their lives. We fulfill the hopes, dreams and aspiration of young people through our holistic approach towards education and our persuasion will continue.


Best wishes to all of you.



Shri  U.P.Golani


Navbharat Educational Trust.

Secretary’s Message :

I am very much happy to note that our students continue to show excellence in education, sports, science projects, debates etc. and winning  prizes at city and district  level. In the field of Information Technology, we are moving forward and  making sure that we move with time and continue to provide quality education to our students.

I am confident that with blessings of all our saints, our  team of teachers and supporting members shall continue our school  to achieve excellence in all fields.


                                                                                                     Kum. T.K. Notani


Principal’s Message :


Principal’s Message :

In this constantly fast changing world lot of complexities and confusion prevails in the minds of our young children. With a highly competitive environment, pressure of challenging career, love for materialistic life and societal changes there is rapid dwindling of values  and attitudes in students. In such circumstances, to keep the prime values intact teachers and parents have a vital role to play in their lives. In these formative years requirement is to provide them genuine, tranquil and natural learning environment through which we can imbibe values of  Indian culture and enable them to adapt and adjust to the multicultural thought and belief.

To channelize the creative potential of our students every year we come up with the school magazine /newsletter which not only gives space for exhibiting literary talent but also showcases our success and achievements.

We have come a long way together exploring, discovering and evolving with new ideas and concepts. To reach the pinnacle of success, more dedication and efforts  are needed from all fronts.

Wishing you all the best.


                                                                                                               Mrs. Nandita Roy


Vision of School

Hari Shewa English Academy provides a fertile learning field for students, creates refined and responsible citizens of India, Nurtures the unique potential of each child for their growth and development.


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