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Articles from Primary Section


I don’t like long vacation especially summer vacation. We can’t meet our friends for a long time. We miss the fun of hugging and chatting with friends in the school. I really miss the fun with them in the classroom, in canteen, in play ground etc. We become sick of the heat because it is difficult to move out in the hot sun. It is a pleasure to come back to school and have fun with friends and be with teachers.




I went to school picnic on 11th – January – 2014, at 8:30 am. with all my friends and my teachers at Fajalpur. During travelling we enjoyed dancing and singing songs. We reached there by 9:30 am. There were many farms and bushes of babool. There was a farm house where we had some snacks. We went for trekking. We also went to see the Emu Park by riding the tractor. Then we played in the park. There our teacher clicked our photos. In afternoon – we had lunch and then we rested for half an hour. We danced on DJ, our teachers also joined us. We started back to the school around 4:00 and reached by 5:30 pm. What a wonderful day it was! We all were very happy to have such a picnic with full of enjoyment.




On 11th January we went on a picnic to Fajalpur. We went there by bus. Our bus started from school at 8:30 a.m. and we reached there at about 9 o’clock in the morning. We went to Ravines Adventure Park. There was a farm house surrounded with plants of different varieties.We took our breakfast there. Then we went for trekking. While trekking we were told not to make noise as there were wild female antelope (Neel gai) etc. After long trekking, we reached on the bank of Mahi River. It was amazing to see a river flowing down from hills, we loved it. We were very excited as it was a beautiful sight. From there we went to a park. This park had adventurous rides like rope-climbing, swings made of tires, wall climbing, and many more.We also took a tractor ride and saw Emu farm. We saw Emu egg, chicks etc. We took delicious lunch at noon. We danced on D.J. songs. We had lemon juice and ate chips as snacks. Finally it was time to reach to school. We left that place at 4:00 and reached school in time at 5:30p.m.We were tired but very happy as we all enjoyed our picnic very much.




·         Every festival is important and has values, but  celebrating festival safely is our duty. Safety is more important in our life we should take care of :

·         In the festival like Uttarayan we should not use china thread because it can harm many birds and people.

·         In festival of Diwali we should not wear silk clothes and we should keep our hair tied while bursting crackers.

·         In Holi we should not use chemical colours. It can harm our skin so we should use natural colours.



Articles from Primary Section



There are many teachers in our school. They give us knowledge about education, activities, games and many more things. There are many periods of activities like games, P.T., drawing, Karate, Iken, Library, Yoga, Music etc. which make us smart, and intelligent, Teachers give us homework every day to increase our knowledge. Teachers are our “Guru”. There is a humble relationship between teachers and students. We should respect our teachers. I am thankful to my teachers for their support knowledge and guidance which is very useful in our life.                                       






Last Saturday I went to the new bus station to receive my uncle, who was coming from Ahmedabad.   This new bus-station was inaugurated on 14th Feb. 2014. by Gujarat Chief Minister Shree Narendra Modi. The bus station is named as Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Bus Station. There were many people on the platform. It looked like an air port. There are air conditioned waiting rooms luggage – trolleys, wheel chairs etc. It also had rooms for keeping luggage. There is 2 storey parking lot, 400 retail shops, a food court, seven – screen multiplex hotel and many more. I was excited to see a huge bus station. I had a feeling of a living in a developed state.





Mother is a gift to me by God. God has made my mother, who is very loving and kind to her children. She looks after the house. She takes care of me. She is always helpful. She cooks very tasty food. She helps me in my studies. She shows me the right path. Whenever I fall ill she takes extra care of me. She is not only good to me but to whole family. I thank God for creating mother in the world.





I visited Diu in Diwali Vacation with my family. It was a pleasure to visit this city. It is the Union Territory of Gujarat. It is surrounded by sea. There are many beautiful places in Diu to visit. First in the morning we went to Gangeshwar temple. It is situated 3 km. away from Diu, Five shivlings are located in the midst of rocks, on the seashore washed by the tidal waves of the sea. Then we went to church. The old St. Thomas church has been converted into a museum; various stone inscriptions of the earlier rulers, multicolored fountains fascinated everyone.  At evening we went to Nagwa Beach, it is located near the Nagoya hamlet. The beach is very beautiful, quiet and calm. It is completely safe for swimming, so we took a bath there. After bath we had coconut water which was very sweet. We enjoyed there a lot. At night we went to resort and took dinner. We were very tired but it was very fantastic experience to visit that city . Really I enjoyed there a lot.



Articles from Primary Section


Gujarat is our state. We are called Gujaratis. It is one of the most beautiful states in India. Its neighboring states are Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Diu, Daman, Silvassa, and Dadranagar Haveli are our neighbouring Union territories. It shares border with Pakistan. Gujarat is among India’s most prosperous states.

·         Governor- Respected Ms Kamla Beniwal

·         Chief Minister -Respected  Shri Narendra Modi

·         Capital- Gandhinagar

·         Population- 62,700,003

·         Large cities- Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Bhuj, Jamnagar.

·         Festivals- Kite flying, Holi, Janmashtmi, Navratri, Shamlaji fair, Diwali.

·         Rivers- Aji, Ambica, Banas, Bhadar, Narmada, Purna, Sabarmati, Tapi, Mahi, Shetrunji. 

I love my state very much.



Hari Shewa Family


Hari Shewa is a big family, 

Housed in a building, 

That shines brightly, 

The teachers are kind and scholarly,

If we listen to them carefully, 

We would succeed definitely,

The students are friendly, 

And do all the activities daily, 

Our principal acts nobly, 

So the Hari Shewa Family lives happily.




Articles from Primary Section


Bulletin or notice board is used to share and exchange messages, charts or information. This type of Board is  generally put outside the classroom of schools.  Different drawings, information, photos of  picnic, sports,  etc. are stuck on the Board. It   displays important events, news  etc. It is one type of teaching tools. It is used  to communicate essential information.   It helps to establish a positive climate in school. We can increase our knowledge of reading, drawing, colouring etc.  Bulletin Board is necessary in schools. It showcases talent of students good in drawing colouring and sketching. First exposure of talent of student to the whole school is through Bulletin board.


 STD. IV  B.



Yoga is one of the most important activity in our life. In Sanskrit the ‘yoga’ means ‘yog’. Yoga makes our body fit and our mind peaceful. By doing yoga our mind remains stress free and improves concentration etc. Yoga is beneficial for people with overweight. Yoga is connected with God. Yoga has many asans like Vaksasana, Free-pose, Meditation, Padamasan, Omkara, Pranayam, etc. Yoga is done in the evening or in the morning with empty stomach. Yoga is helpful for people who want to stretch their body and increase height. We do yoga for activeness, sharpness and fitness. Our school has provided weekly 1hr. for yoga under the instruction of Sheetal Madam. This  way we are able to balance our body and make mind sharp. I feel very fresh when yoga period is there in school. 





Time once lost is lost forever. It can’t be regained. It can never be captured. Time is very precious for us. “A stitch in time saves nine” is a popular proverb. Opportunity once  lost is hardly regained. A few days before, I got up late, so I was late for school. I got punishment, I even got a remark in my diary. I was scolded by class teacher. All my friends were looking at my face. I felt embarrased. I understood the value of time and decided that I will not be late again in my life. One needs to be very punctual,  unnecessary delay, lazy attitude towards ones assigned duty is very dangerous. It is rightly said “Life teaches us to make good use of time, While time teaches us the value of life.”


STD : Vth A

Articles from Primary Section


My Hobby is reading. I like to read story books, books related to subjects, composition books which I find very interesting. I read about how people lived in ancient days. I read about wonders of the world, Fairytales, mythology books like Ramayana, Mahabharata, stories of Hanuman etc. I don’t have to go deep into forest to learn about the tigers. I can read all about them in a book. Reading gives me pleasure, fun and knowledge, I never get bored. When there is vacation or a holiday. I take any of my books and read. When I have no friends to play, I sit with my books reading for hours. They are my best friends. Nowadays we can also read stories on internet. I would like to keep my hobby of reading books alive.





Uttarayan is a festival of kite – flying. We fly kites. I remember when I was seven years old, my uncle was sick, so he was admitted in a hospital and that day was Uttarayan. When I remember that day it makes me terrified. My father and I went to hospital to see my uncle, in hospital I saw many people injured by the thread of kites. One smart boy’s ears and nose were badly cut by thread. My father showed me many birds which were injured by the thread of kite. My father also took me to the birds help center run by NGO. Many accidents occur due to people running after kites. On that day, I realized that we should fly kites with safety and take precaution to avoid accident and by doing so, we can save life of many birds and people.




It  was an ordinary day, I got up with the sound of an alarm and finished my morning rituals. Suddenly my mom told me that the rickshaw man was not going to come. I rushed out of the house, but dad’s bike would not start, I signaled to a rickshaw man and got into his rickshaw, without taking any money from dad. Luckily at the school gate my vice captain was just getting down from her cycles she gave me some money which I gave to rickshaw man. In the class when I opened my bag I saw that I have forgotten to bring my H.W. notebook, so I was punished and made  to stand outside the class. I felt sorry for myself. Finally it was time to go home, I got into the school rickshaw and fired the driver for making my day in school miserable.





There are many relationships we are maintaining but the relationship of a teacher and student is very important. Because teachers teach us lots of things. They give us guidance about new things. Teachers are our second parents. We spend few hours with teachers but we learn many things from them. The job of a teacher is very hard and of great responsibility. But they are not afraid and they work hard for us. Teachers take care of us and give love, knowledge, strength, and courage to all students. So it is our duty to give lot of respect to our teachers and follow all the things which they have taught us.  Without the guidance of teachers, we cannot complete our studies and we cannot achieve our goal. So teachers are our ‘GOD’.



Articles from Primary Section


In every school Annual  Function is held. In my school also there was the Annual Function. It was held on 16th Dec 2013-14 in Gandhi Gruh. In that  students from VI to XI std had participated. I had taken part in dance. And our Sir choreographed the Annual function.The theme was “Inspiration”.  Dances were choreographed on appropriate songs on great personalities. I got the costume according to my song. The prize distribution was also held. The students who stood first and second in the class they got trophies. I also got a trophy. Some guest were also invited in Annual function. Every class came to perform dance. When it was our turn, I was very excited to dance on the stage. All were enjoying. Captain,  Vice Captain and were anchoring the programme. After our dance, we changed our costume, ate snacks and went outside where the audience were sitting and at last, the programme ended with National Anthem.

This Annual function of 2013 was the best Annual Function of my life . I will never forget it. At night I dreamt about the Annual function. It boosted our morale.

                                                                     Harwani Bhomika

                                                                     Std:- VI





Our school organizes science project exhibition every year. This year also there was  an exhibition for std I to VIII. There were many working projects. Students made their projects  nicely. Exhibition was very well-arranged. Sitting arrangement was there for each and every student. Students were comfortable. Discipline was maintained. Parents were called. They saw the projects and asked questions about them. Students were answering them. There was so much excitement in students. Exhibition continued for 3 hours. And then  It  ended nicely.

Nearly 500 people visited our school.


Std :- VI 



It was vacation time. My friend had decided to visit the zoo. On our way to the  zoo, we saw a cycle coming down. He had his wife seated back side and his little son on the baby seat in front of him (carrier). Just then, he tried to overtake another cyclist riding from the wrong side. In doing so he came in front of an auto rickshaw coming from the opposite direction. The driver tried to apply the brakes but it was too late. The rickshaw collided with the cycle and the lady and boy were thrown off the cycle on the road. The rickshaw driver  immediately came for the rescue. First, he took the little boy. The man on the cycle had also fallen down but he managed to get up and ran towards his wife. My friends decided that they were not in a mood to go to the zoo so we cancelled the programme.  Seriously it was a dangerous matter that I can never forget. I came home, told to my father and mother about the accident.



Articles from Primary Section



Grandparents are very important in the lives of children. Of course, not every child has grandparents around. When I hear stories of separation or family rifts where loving grandparents are kept away from children, it breaks my heart. Grandparents are like an old shady tree lovingly showering their cool shade to the grandchildren.  Grandparents have lived through three stages of their lives, childhood, adulthood, and grandparent hood. Through every stage, they learn new things and gain wisdom and knowledge. Their wisdom needs to be passed on to future generation, and that is why grandparents are so important. Whether grandparents live near or far, we need to value their vital role in our life.  Grandparents are certainly treasure for us.

                                                                                                            LOKWANI NIDHI. R






My parents are my friends. They help me in everything like in studies, learning new things, etc. I always share my important things with them. I find them with me, whenever I am alone. They give me support and they are always with me. They always listen to my problems and help me to solve them. My parents have loving nature. They scold me whenever I do mischieves but they forgive me and make me know about my mistakes. They always praise me. Really, I thank to God for giving me such good parents. I want to give you all advise that never forget your parents because they are a real inspiration of our life. I love my parents very much.







Uttarakhand is often referred to as the “Land of the Gods” due to the many holy Hindu Temples and Pilgrimage centres found throughout the state. There are two most important rivers in the region, the Ganga at Gangotri and the Yamuna at Yamnotri. Along with Badrinath and Kedarnath from the Chotchar dam a holy pilgrim for the Hindus. This state has faced the problem of floods several times but this was the worst one. In June 2013, cloud burst on Uttarakhand caused devastating floods and landslides in the state. As on 16 July 2013, according to figures given by the Uttarakhand Government more than 5,700 people were “presumed dead”. Destruction of bridges and roads left about 100,000 pilgrims and tourists trapped in the valleys and paramilitary troops evacuated more than 110,000 people from the flood ravaged area. From 14th to 17th June 2013, Uttarakhand state of India and adjoining areas received heavy rainfall, which was more than bench mark rainfall during a normal monsoon which led to heavy floods in downstream, valley Kedarnath town and Rambada was washed out and Gaurikand, Sonprayag, Agastitamuni was badly damaged. Landslides, due to the floods, damaged several houses and structure, killing people. The rains resulted in large flash floods and massive landslides. Over 70,000 people were stuck in various regions because of damaged or blocked roads. All though the Kedarnath Temple itself was not damaged, its base was inundated with water, mud and boulders from the land slide damaging its perimeter. Many hotels, rest houses and shops around the temple in Kedarnath Township were destroyed, resulting in several casualties.

The Army, Air force, Navy, Indo-Tibetan Border Police, Border Security force, National Disaster Response force, Republic works Department and local administrations worked together for quick rescue operations. Helicopters were used to rescue people. Unprecedented destruction by the rainfall witnessed in Uttarakhand state was attributed, by environmentalists, was due to unscientific development activities undertaken in recent decades. Roads constructed in haphazard style, new resorts and hotels built on fragile river banks and more than 70 hydro electric projects in the water sheds of the state led to a disaster. The early monsoons also brought misery in the life of the people in Uttarakhand. People across the country helped in relief work of Uttarakhand with the army the local people supported by giving people facility of food and shelter and other who can’t reach there helped by giving donations



Articles from Primary Section


Love is a miracle,

Making hearts sing,

Love is a Beautiful,

Wonderful thing.

Love is a precious gift,

Worth more than gold,

And love that is true love,

Never grows old.




I am your Kid, you are my Parent,

I am a Devotee, you are my God,

I am the Drop, you are my Ocean,

I am your Light, you are my Sun,

I am your Dream, you are my Present,

I am your Melody, you are my Rhythm,

I am Nothing, you are my Every Thing,






Our school has organized a picnic from standard 6th to 12th.to Diever village (near Narmada River). We departed from school at 8:15 AM. We enjoyed dancing, playing games in the bus. We reached at Diever at 9:45 am. . Then we had lunch and we played with teacher and friends. We had a bath in river. Then we went to Kayavaran Temple at 2:30 pm. There we worshiped and again played in the garden. We enjoyed a lot.  I will remember this picnic.





“Unity is strength”. If we are united we will always be successful in our work. We should always be united. Unity is most important in our daily life. Unity is necessary for everyone.  In our school we discuss different topic in the Assembly. Different topics were like helping hand, honesty, thanks giving and unity. In that, we are supposed to give the particular information, skit, articles, and thoughts on those topic of which is declared topic of the week. We could also share our own real life experiences in Assembly with our teachers, friends.

Now, I would like to tell you one story about Unity. Once upon a time one hunter went to forest for hunting animals and suddenly he saw a flock of birds and silently put down the net on the ground and on that he put some grains. When the birds saw grains they all with the dove king went to eat the grains. When they had eaten all grains. They tried to fly but could not fly and realized that they had been caught in a net. They all were worried. But the dove king suddenly had an idea and told to all doves that “Unity is strength”. If we all would try to fly together, we will be successful, he said on my 1….2 …. 3…. Start flapping your wings. All doves started flapping their wings when the dove king told 3… all the doves were successful to fly up. The hunter saw them and was shocked. So in unity they all were successful.  So the moral of this story is that if we will work in unity then we can do anything we want. So unity is also very important in our day to day life.

                                                                                  KHUSHI BACHANI



Many festivals and functions are celebrated in our school. Republic Day was celebrated on 26th Jan. The function was held in our school. First all students gathered in the ground and teachers also joined them. Different patriotic songs were sung. This day our school was decorated and Golani Sir the president of school hoisted the flag and started the programme. There was patriotic fervour in the atmosphere.  First our principal Roy Madam gave the speech. In that Roy Madam explained that corruption and different crime should be stopped and she said about the progress of the country. Then Notani Sir gave the speech about development of India and school. The programme ended with the National song sung by school choir.

                                                                                                    Kapil B. Motwani

                                      Std:- VII


People pray for a boy, not for a girl

They desire a boy, not a girl

Blessings of elders are for male, not for female

They love to have a boy, not a girl

But in need of wealth

They worship Goddess ‘Durga’

In need of Education,

They call upon Goddess ‘Saraswati’

Then why do people hesitate…..

To have a daughter?



Articles from Secondary Section


“The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is tasty.”It means we reap the benifit after hard work when we do any work many obstacles come in our way, and then finally we get success if destiny is with us. There are some people who doubt the value of education saying that it has never benefited anyone but this is not true at all. Knowledge is too far advanced today for a man. No one can take up any job without being educated. We get knowledge at home by various ways like T.V., electronic media, educational programmes, internet, newspaper, radio or watching the related C.D. Our problem is that we don’t do our work properly or at proper time. We have become lazy and we leave work for tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes in our life. We just waste the time. Due to many reasons students do not study or some do not even get a chance due to poverty. Education is necessary. It has a lot of importance in our life. There is no age for doing studies. People think that studies are only important for getting jobs easily. But it is not right. It is a part of our life. Books are our best  friends. We do not utilize them in proper way.   Studies are not boring we make them boring, due to distraction. There is a right way of doing studies. If it is done in a proper way or in proper manner, we will be benefited. I request all my school friends and students to pay attention towards studies. There are students who disturb the class. I want to share my feelings with them through my article.






Mother is a precious gift given by God to us. As it is said that God cannot be present everywhere so,  he made Mothers. She plays a very important role in our life like heart plays an important role in human body. We are nothing without her. She is our first Guru, who teaches us about right and wrong things. For me my mother is the most important person in my life than any other person, so we should respect her till the last seconds of our life. We should give a lot of thanks to God for giving us such a precious gift of our life  ‘Mother’.   “SOME WORDS FOR MOTHER”


M: - Motivational

O: - Observer of action

T: - Talented

H: - Helping nature

E: - Encouraging

R: - Reflection of God.




The land of mountains and monkeys, and of strawberries.

The land of falls and lakes, and of carrots and chocolates.

The rock shaped like three monkeys of Gandhiji,   And of an elephant face.

The main fort of the king of Maharashtra and the favourite chair of the king.  

It’s with males and mapro Gardens, Guess which place is this? 

The Chhtrapati Shivaji’s kingdom. 

It is a sweet Mahabaleshwar of Maharashtra.




Articles from Secondary Section


Life means struggle and having a number of feelings and emotions. It depends upon you that what is your strategy of living your life and how you look towards your life. Life takes a number of twist and turns. Life doesn’t means to have happiness all the time but we also face many problems in our life. There are many difficult situations in the life which test our courage and capabilities. People who close their eyes at the time of difficulties and don’t do hard work are coward. Life is like a demon for the people who do not have that much of courage and stamina to stand firm in front of difficult situations. Remember that nothing can be done or achieved without trying, without doing hardwork to get yourself out of the troubles. These incidents can entirely change one’s life. These incidents can make your thinking more powerful. If there are no such incidents, then our life will become boring. It will make strong and more powerful that you will be capable of facing any problem in your life.  

“Life is different from a teacher because teacher teaches a lesson and takes the exam but life takes exam first and then teaches a lesson” Life changes its meanings, priorities and requirements. Life is a gift of God. Everyone wishes to live a nice and enjoyable life. Life should have some purpose. We should identify our aim and we should spend our entire life in achieving our goals. This is what we call a life. In life, time is very precious once it is lost, it is lost, forever time must be valued.   

In my opinion, we are not born only to enjoy. In life we must hope something. We must keep positive attitude towards our parents and teachers. In my life I think God's blessings are with me. Whatever I hope I get it and whatever my parents, my teachers and my school hope from me, I try to fulfill it. I have a dream to bring up the name of my parents, teachers and school.

                                                                                                        YOGITA SIDHWANI



Volunteering is a great way of doing service for man kind. It helps us to uncover hidden talents. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, when we put ourselves in a position to meet the needs of others, we might rise to the occasion and use capabilities that we never know we had. Volunteers get satisfaction, change views for self and others. Volunteering is a great way to learn about our responsibilities and give back to the community. The next best thing to learn is skills that you may be good at. Volunteering helps you to explore your career and personal interests, refine your communication and leadership qualities, we develop a network and references and of course strengthen our resume. Volunteering is the perfect vehicle to discover something in which you are really good at.

sMy experience as a prefect says that a student of secondary section has many responsibilities for the primary section children. By doing this type of volunteering work makes students perfect and disciplined. I thank my teachers who guided me in every steps of difficulty.





Television is a wonderful scientific invention. Today most of the people are addicted to it. They sit in front of their T.V. sets till late at night. Young people, especially students spend most of their time watching T.V. Personally, I prefer to see only a good programmes on T.V.  My favorite T.V. programme  is the “BOURNVITA QUIZ CONTEST”.  It is telecasted every Sunday. I think it is the best programme  for students. It increases our general knowledge. I try to answer the question asked during the programme. From them we acquire knowledge about our country, its history, culture, heritage, lifestyle of people, development in science, etc Like this programme, another serial  KBC also helps us to increase our general knowledge.  “BOURNVITA QUIZ CONTEST” is popular because of the challenging questions to the  participants. I would try to continue  seeing that programme. I think it is going to help me in my career.


  STD: X

Articles from Secondary Section


We all set our goal according to our dreams. There are people, who want to do something in life but without setting their goal or without hard work. Some time because of their destiny, ill-luck, circumstances etc. they are unable to achieve it. I am also in a stage where I had to set my goal. I want to be an engineer and my parents also support me for this, and I am also working for it. I don’t know whether I will succeed or not, what types of circumstances will be there but I will give my best to achieve my goal. Everyone sets a goal but sometime they may not get success. It doesn’t mean that every time they will not. So we should not lose our patience and try to achieve it again and again.


This article is not only for students but also for parents and for every one. Parents set a goal for their children but before setting it, they must think and ask their child what actually he/she wants to be. They must support them in their choice and make them feel that whatever target their parents had set for them is not a burden for them. If they don’t want to join that field they can share with their parents and parents should listen to them, in spite of scolding, parents have  the right to take decisions to choose the right thing for their children but in such a way that it should be a burden for them. Many times children follow their parents target and they don’t put their soul in it and the thing done without soul is like cloud without water, I want to give you an example that when Kalpana Chawla was 5-6 years old she used to keep her hair untied  in the class when the teacher scolded her and asked her the reason, she replied, “ I will not get time in the space to tie my hair.”That means she had set her goal and she was working for it. She had passed through various obstacles in her life. But finally she achieved her goal as she went in the space. Swami Vivekananda had also said, “Rise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved.’’ One who wants to be a dancer but due to parent's wish she/he becomes an engineer. But can he or she be a good engineer?  'No'. So instead of being a bad engineer, he can be an excellent dancer. So, parents should understand children .We must work on our goal after discussing with our parents and should give our best to achieve it.




One of the most eagerly awaited occasion in any school is its Annual function .Annual function is just like a movie. We shoot for it  the whole year and then represent it in front of all the audience in just 2-3 hours. Students who participate in dance, drama and song start their rehearsals one month before. It is very much overwhelming for all the students and teachers when their efforts are showcased in front of everyone. When we hear Praising from the audience about our school we feel very much proud. Annual function gives all the young and talented students a platform to expose their talent. It is very special event not only for we students but also for our parents where they see their children enthusiastically participating in the function. They feel,  proud and blissful. Annual function has always been a very nice experience for me but this years annual function was very special because I received the academic excellence award. My parents were elated when they saw me receiving the award from the chief guest. After that when I saw all the performances and heard people clapping I felt so happy as if someone was praising my own family. But it is true that our school is like our family where we do all the activities with unity and team spirit and take the name of our school to a certain height.


                                                                                                       STD: IX




Articles from Secondary Section



v    A: I have the perfect son

v    B: Does he smoke?

v    A: No, he doesn’t.

v    B: Does he drink whiskey?

v    A: No, he doesn’t.

v    B: Does he come home late?

v    A: No, he doesn’t.

v    B: I guess you really have a perfect son. How old is he?

v    A: He will be six months old next Wednesday.


v    A man goes to the doctor and says,”Doctor whenever I touch, it hurts.”

v    The doctor asks,” What do you mean”?

v    The man says,” when I touch my shoulder, it really

             hurts. If I touch my neck-ouch: when I touch my

             Forehead, It really, really hurts.”

v    The doctor says,” I know what’s wrong with you. You have broken your finger.


v    A teacher asked a student to write 55.

v    Student asked:” How?

v    Teacher:- write 5 and beside it another 5!

v    The student wrote 5 and stopped.

v    Teacher: What are you waiting for?

v    Student:-I don’t know which side to write the other 5!


v    A:- Teenaged girl had been talking on the phone for about half an hour, and

            then she hung up.

v    “Wow!” said her father,” That was short. You usually talk for two hours.

            What happened?”

v     “Wrong number,” replied the girl.





There always comes a day in she/he life where a student has to leave school. It seems as if it was just the other day when he/she had first stepped into school as a small child crying with the thought of staying away from parents. Then there comes the day, when that student, stands on the verge of completing school journey. It is on that last day of school that she relives her entire wonderful and bright journey in a day. She remembers all those classes she had attended giggling and laughing on the last benches. All those noble teachers who would have supported her throughout her journey. The teachers who have come to nourish her with their knowledge, goodness and enrich her with their experiences. They explore her talent  trying out. Her ‘you’ from yourself. Teacher is the builder of a nation. She admires students work, consoles her when defeated and understands her when she is depressed. The lunch breaks where her friends  would have pounced on each others’ lunch-boxes. Those competitions, those exciting and enthralling games periods. There’s such a lot which she would miss, but she has an encyclopedia of wondrous memories and the end of one road is often the beginning of another road, a different path. And one must make the most of it.




Articles from Secondary Section


I am going to share my views on advantages and disadvantages of networking sites. Today in the world   many sites are started  which are used by us like whatsapp, facebook,  hike, line, twitter and many more through these sites we can send messages, send videos ,emails, images in just a fraction of seconds. Teenagers use these sites to make new friends, to talk to new people, to get familiar with them. But some people just use those sites to make their time pass. Every coin has two sides, so it depends on the user. There are many advantages of these sites like we come to know about the new things happening in the world. We get entertained because of these sites. We get an opportunity to make new friends. Business people can send some images information of their product to their clients. Especially this process of sending images is done through whatsapp. As advantages are there, so disadvantages will also be there. Some students as they start using sites and neglect their studies, they stop spending time with their families. Many people think that there are only disadvantages of these sites. But it is not. All these sites are not bad some are beneficial also if used for good. Everything has positive and negative effects. They take these sites as just for entertainment. At last I just want to tell that one should use networking sites but in a positive manner. We should not get addicted to it.




One of the most serious problem faced by modern society is drugs, through which the young generation has been caught in its trap. There are many reasons and factors for spreading it. The drugs initially provide excitement of pleasant sensation which encourages the person to repeat it. Drugs can harm us physically & mentally. The person who takes drugs gets isolated from friends, family and society. He even quarrels and steals the money needed for buying the drugs.  In my opinion, we all live a stressful life, which is seen everywhere in jobs, studies, home, class, tuitions, school, etc. It is seen that people are not satisfied, let it be work, study or anything. Sometimes bad company becomes the main culprit. Friend circle plays an important role in this, sometimes children are under the effect of bad company and they indulge in it. They keep their drug activities secret, from parents or even close friends. When parents come to know, it’s too late to keep their child away from it. In schools and colleges education must be given about the side effects of drugs.  Thus we can decrease the use of drugs if we take right action at the right time. It is the duty of parents and teachers to look after this problem faced by young generation. Ultimately, the excess use of drugs and its habit leads the user to its side effects. Some times student even commit suicide. Due to this our Nation loses the valuable wealth and the parent loses their precious children.  I feel proud of being a student of Hari Shewa English Academy where all kind of education is provided, discussion is done, and days are celebrated to create awareness.


    STD: - X.



Now it’s time for you to celebrate,

The accomplishment of a dream,

You have worked so hard to realize.

You have shown to so many,                                                                                                                                        How special you are,

Now its time to begin to pursue the next,

To reach out for the next star,

And to achieve the thing,

That are so important to you

Always keep your dream alive,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  And make them coming true.

 Mulchandani Khushboo

STD: XI   

Articles from Secondary Section

Modern Technology owes ecology and apology

Technology is the greatest creation of science. It provides a way of communication but it is becoming the only way to communicate with today’s youth as they only want interaction using net, mobile, etc with their friends which saves time and create a negative effect on the social abilities of the youth. I wonder why we have lost relations. Technology is like i-pads and cell phones make a personal bubble and make it portable. Cell phones created a distraction from real life experiences and because of their ability to be taken anywhere; I see student’s texting anywhere they can. This tiny piece of plastic is distracting students from the most important message of all. I am not against technology but the way we have adopted, some time it makes us feel helpless. It helps many people stay in touch with their relatives. It has made the world a global village. Meeting people online can give us confidence, increase our communication skills  but I believe it also tears you down. Online relationships will either build you upor break you downLastly, my opinion on technology is that use of  technology should be in  limit only till it helps you and increase your ability, knowledge, etc but the day it creates useless things in your mind and distracts your mind, from that time stop or decrease its use in your life. 'Men have become tools of their tools.'




School life is very important part of one’s life, because it provides opportunity for study, makes us  disciplined and builds our character. School plays an important role in widening the outlook of students. Virtues such as perseverance, sincerity, co-operation etc. All are inculcated in students, School is a meeting place of students and teachers. From here a student learns how to adjust himself with the society, at later part of his life. The school life is generally a period of youth. In school all the students study in spirit of togetherness. They forget their worries and sorrows; their minds contain some youthful dreams which come true as they grow in age.School gives the foundation for the budding poets, scientist, writers, doctors, engineers, painters and musicians. It is in school that the students enjoy the affection of their teachers.  Teachers act as the guide. They guide the students on the right path. In school, teachers try to remove the evils from the students by sowing  seeds of good qualities in them. Extracurricular activities like debates, elocution and group discussions etc. help to improve their knowledge and skills. Above all, in examinations they try to show their brilliant performance. Thus they get opportunity to expand their activity. School has definitely a healthy influence upon students.                                          


STD : XI   



 Competition makes an individual more creative and hard working. Everyone wants to be the best and standout in competition. Competition also brings out negative qualities in people. Friends become enemies, collegues become competitor and families get divided for materialistic gain. Those who are thirsty for success turn towards illegal means for gaining fame. This is the negative side of competition, which is seen by many as being offensive and rude.

Although competition brings out negative qualities in an individual, but it also enhances growth and creativity. Without competition organization will not be keen on improving their product. People will become lazy and would take things for granted. Competition motivates people to work harder and reap the sweet fruit of success. We should embrace healthy competition instead of creating tension amongst competitors and friends. So, competition is rude yet effective motivation for us to achieve our goal in life. Always go for healthy competition and definitely you will get success in your life.

Mulchandani Khushboo


Articles from Secondary Section


Excuses are basically defined as a fake answer or reply given by mostly a child or a student to his or her parents or teachers. Even sometime my friends and I give excuses to teachers and also to the Parents. We are just habituated from our childhood to give excuses. And you know, it’s also true that when we will grow up we will also miss those days,  giving excuses to our parents and teachers. I am definitely going to miss my school days especially of excuses given by me & my friends. I will cry and laugh by recalling the memories by some of the excuses like: - When our teacher asked for our note book   we have not done  homework at that time, we give excuses such as :-

·                     “I completed my book but  forgot to bring it.

·                     It’s with my friend and he is absent.

·                     I did but my younger brother tore the pages.

·                     I lost my book”,

·                     “I was eager to complete my book or do my work but I was unable to solve my queries.

·                     Suddenly guest arrived at home.

·                     There was a power failure.

·                     There was marriage  at my home.

·                     I was not feeling well.

·                     I was suffering from a severe headache.

·                     I woke up late in the morning and was not able to get ready on time so I didn’t attend school.

·                     I slept late at night so was unable to come early in the morning to school. And many more.

·                     We really use to laugh so much at that time by giving excuses and especially when teachers believed to those excuses. As we all were smart enough to make impressions while giving excuses. But on the other hand it’s also true that we later repent a bit that what we did was wrong and even sometimes we personally go to teachers and confess our faults and say sorry to them.





It would be nostalgic for me in my future thinking about experience of being a captain of school.  I am sure it would be one of the most memorable phase of my life I never thought that even I can be a captain of the school, but my teacher encouraged me to register my name for the election of school as a captain, and luckily I was selected as a captain and my journey of experience of a captain started. Earlier I was not much friendly with my teachers, even, nobody was knowing me, I was only up to my routine. After being a captain, I have learned and did many  things like to scold  someone, to understand the things calmly, to bear the problems of students, taking responsibilities, being independent  managing the whole school with other council members. Initially I was scared to speak on mike, so my hands would shiver and my whole mind use to become blank before mike. So I used to give this responsibility to the school vice captain, but as soon as I started  speaking on mike,  all my fear went off, and I  easily  spoke before all and that was appreciated by all.  Independence day speech our principal madam was really happy with my speech tapped on my back and said it was one of the best speech.  Experience of being a captain really made me realized me that who I am ? It even taught me that when nothing is understandable, everything is going in a wrong way, so just think calmly and then step ahead. Really this experience will be the most valuable to me to develop my personality.





Articles from Secondary Section


Everybody is familiar to the fact that today’s world is the world of technology. We all are surrounded with various technologies around us. Today, these technological, inventions are so important for our life that we feel our life incomplete without them. In early days people were not so aware about these technologies and so they used them as they are just a thing to be used, but now everyone is so attached to it that it has become necessity for us.  We think that without these technologies like electronic gadgets, mobile, laptop, internet, kitchen appliances life is impossible.  Some new gadgets available in the market are as follows :-

  1. Tractors on autopilot:- UPS tractors, Sprayers can drive themselves automatically through the field, after the user has       told       on board computer system, how wide path is to be covered.

2.      Group Sensors:- It helps and tells the farmers, that how much fertilizers and water is to be supplied to group in real time.

3.      The cafely head bonds  rid off your headache by making micro impulses to stimulate trigeminal nerve ending (where headache particularly is)

4.      Wireless BP Monitor:-Now, a digital version of getting BP checked by a extended version , user friendly equipment wirless BP   Monitor. Some new Apps are also availavle through which people get information on different things and work becomes easy and safe. Such as :-


i.                    Beat the Micro bead:- It allows the consumer to find out whether or not a product contains plastic micro bead by.   Simply scanning its barcode.

ii.                  EPA:- US Environment Protection Agency.  The Agency has developed My Green App.  Green Apps is a destination for 290 Apps  to help people understand and protect environment and human health. 

Eg:- Commute Greener:- Pollution prevention.  

        Dirty Dozen- Human health

       Ample Harvest:- slots and Lands.

iii.                For Girl Safety :-   Street safe:- The app guides you with Personal safety advisor, a Feature called “ Walk with me” which gets  details  of situation and stags on line until they ensure the user has reached home.

iv.                Can me:-  As the name suggest, this a mobile can finder app that helps to get can any where at any time.

v.                  Hollaback:-   Here the use takes the photo of the harasser and upload it as caught in the acc and submits its story.

vi.                Circle of 6:- (Mainly for college students)

It lets your 6 friends know when you are facing a troublesome situation by sending a predetermined alert message to six contacts, including a call for help connecting home, automatically which includes real time location by two taps of button.


They play a necessary role in our life. But as all we know with goods thing, bad things follow and  same the with technology. Due to technology, people have become dependent on machines for their work. Students   spend more of their time with these than studies. This affects their health and wastes their time. It is believed that soon there will be the time where robots will be ruling the world they will be more intelligent than us. It is not like that we should stop using it, but the thing is to correct the way we use it and then observe the world will  become  more beautiful place to be lived in.






Articles from Secondary Section


Every year our school organizes annual function, but this years function was quiet special for me because, I was given a chance to anchor such an important event  with the vice captain of the school. It was a great experience,. Our teachers helped me to prepare our anchoring.  I found details from different books, internet about the topic of our function. The topic was” Wings on Fire” and the theme was inspiration which encouraged students to be like  Sachin Tendulkar, Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams, Mr. Kamlesh Patel and great martyr Diwakar Faltankar.  We even invited Mr. Diwakar Faltankar’s mother to watch a dedicated performance for his son and she had tears in her eyes and she felt proud of her son. I and all of people present there appreciated this. Initially when the programme started, I was nervous to speak before the mike  but later I enjoyed speaking and even the anchoring was appreciated by the chief guest. Principal madam was really happy hearing my appreciation from such  honourable people. Our anchoring and topic that was Wings on Fire inspired me a lot. I was greatly encouraged and inspired by the words of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Dream, dream, dream. Dreams transforms into thoughts and thoughts turns into action. Not only me many students were inspired to dream and grab it. Beside anchoring I swayed to the tunes of vibrant songs. This is one of my experience that I will never forget.  









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