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Hari Shewa Ishwaribai Buxani English Academy - Ruless

Rules and Regulations


1.  Late coming is strictly not allowed.

2.  Students should come in proper school uniform neatly dressed. Care needs to be taken for the hair and the nails.  A part from checking on Assembly days, surprise checking will also be there.

Girs from I to XII will tie one/two  plates using black band with regular uniform and a white band with sports uniform.

3.  Boys need to have well trimmed hair, properly brushed and comed.  Hair styles is strictly for bidden. oiling is must.

4.  Shoes should be well polished and uniforms strached and well ironed.

5.  Captains, prefects, house captain and students must wear their respective badges.

6.  Inculcate the habit of using dustbins to throw papers, wrappers etc.

7.  Perfect silence is to be maintained during the class hours. Students should not loiter about inthe corridors or leave the classrooms in between or during the periods. Students should attend to the natural calls during the recess. They can also be allowed in the 3rd & 7th period for toilet, if required. They have to bring their own water bottles which is to be kept in their own classes.

8.  School diary must be brought regularly.

9.  Students are strictly prohibited to bring following thing to school :

      A.  Valuable jewellery, Mobile Phones (in case of emergency permission should be taken)

      B.  Vulgar books, Photographs

      C.  Pan masala, Chewing Gum etc.

10. Students would not be allowed to leave the school during the schoolhours normally. If the students is collected in between the school hours, he will be marked absent in the attendance. To take leave for genuine reasons (Convinced by the school authority) the parents have to submit a written application in the morning to the class teacher.  The school reserves the right to refuse permission.  Do not send a child at all in case of a social function or appointment with a doctor.

11. Parents are requested not to send a sick student (suffering from measles, chickenpox diseases) to the school.  If a child suddenly falls ill then the school will inform the parents to come and take away the child immediately.  Hence, give all the contact numbers.

12. Full attendance is a must to appear in the exam, however in case of sickness or any other genuine reasons convinced by the school authority, case may be considered.

13. Parents are not allowed to meet the child or the teacher during the class hours. They have to get the permission from the Principal in case need arises in writing which they have to show to the concerned teacher before meeting.

14. Any notices, circular or report given by school must be handed over to parents.

15. The school can suspend/expel a student on the basis of his/her code of conduct in or out of school.

16. Students will also be taken to task seriously for their code of conduct outside the school campus since such conduct may effect the school's repute.

17. Students are instructed to talk only in English. Any student (strictly from Std. III) found talking in any other language other than English would be detained for half and hour after the School hours.

18. Students have to take care of the property of school.  They will be charged fine if school property is damaged in any way. Fine will be charged if scribbling is done on walls/benches or breaking the school property.

19. Students and parents are requested to check spellings of name and birth date at the time of filling in student bio-data form and examination form. No change will be done in Xth form.

20. Student should take care of their belongings.


A. Play Centre : No uniform

B. K.G.Section

Girls Boys
Pinafore-Biscuit Colour Half Pant-Biscuit Colour
Blouses-Red & Black Checks Bush Shirt-Red & Black Checks

Shoes :- Black colour (Velcro Fitting)

Socks-Black colour

* Students will wear coloured dress on every friday.

Shoes :- Black colour (Velcro Fitting)

Socks-Black colour

* Students will wear coloured dress on every friday.


From Std 1 to Std. XII :

Girls Boys

Skirt   : Carbon Green one pleated skirt for Std. 1 to 4th and for 5th to 12th Divided skirt

Blouses : White colour with school monogram black colour Bloomer is must.

Socks : White coloured

Shoe : Black Coloured

              Velcro Fitting for (Std. I & II)

Tie  : Bluish Green (Std. III to Std. XII)

           (No Tie for Std. I & II)

Belt  : School Belt

Ribbon  : Black coloured

Half Pant  : Carbon Green (I to IV)

Full Pant   :  V to XII

Bush Shirt  : White coloured with school monogram

Socks  : White coloured

Shoes  : Black coloured (Lace) (III to XII)

                 Std. I & II Velcro fitting

Tie : Bluish Green (III to XII)

          No Tie for Std. I & II


* Parents should buy two sets of regular uniform for every child.

* One set of house uniform & one set of sports uniform.

* Parents should buy two sets of regular uniform for every child.

* One set of house uniform & one set of sports uniform.

SPORTS UNIFORM I TO XII (To be worn on sports day)

GIRLS : I to IV One Plated white Skirt, White divided skirt for V to XII and White Shirt with School monogram stiched on pocket. Belt and Tie also to be worn, white coloured/white band can be used to tie the hair.

BOYS : White Pants and White Shirts with School Monogram. Belt and Tie to be worn. Half Pant for (I to IV) boys, Full Pant for (V to XII) boys.

Winter Dress : Tomato Red pull-over for boys & cardigan for girls. Black coloured slacks for girls in winter for Yoga & Karate Classes. No white Slacks. Scarfs/Mufflers also tomato red coloured.

Birthday Dress : Coloured Dress Std. 1 to V No. Colour Dress for Std. VI to XII.

On every saturday students will wear white coloured dress with T-shirt according to their houses. Velcro fitting kids  for Std I & II.


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