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Fee Rules

Timing : 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

  1. Fees should be paid before the 10the of every month. There after a fine of Rs. 1/- per day is added to the amount (after the 10the of every month).
  2. If the fee is kept due for 2 months, the students name is liable to be struck off from the Register.
  3. Term Fee will be paid twice a year in the month of June and November.
  4. In the month of October fee will be charged for November and in April fee will be charged for May.
  5. Parents are requested to bring Fee Card while paying fees.
  6. In case of delay of payment of fees for genuine reason parents have to submit a written application to the office mentioning the date when the fees will be paid.

Admission & Withdrawal

  1. Students are generally admitted in the begining of the academic session.
  2. Students willing to take admission have to submit xerox copies of their official birth certificate in support of their date of birth.
  3. Students from other schools have to produce the Transfer Certificate for admission.
  4. One month's notice is to be given by the parents or guardian in writting before withdrawal of the student otherwise fees will be charged for the whole month.
  5. School Leaving Certificate will be issued after all dues are cleared.
  6. School Leaving Certificate is issed within 3 days after the date of Submission of Application to the principal.
  7. If Leaving Certificate is required at the year end, it will be issued only after the results are declared.
  8. Duplicate copies of School Leaving Certificate are not ordinarily issued. Such Certificate will be issued in Special cases only after the parent furnishes affidavit stating that  School Leaving Certificate has been lost and they will be responsible for any possible misuse later.
  9. For all request of withdrawal made ater the 20th of the month the dues for the following month are to be paid.Also parents withdrawing the names of their children in April will have to pay fees for the month of May.

Parents / Guardians

Parents are requested to :

  1. Read the rules and regulations and abide by it in all means.
  2. Send their ward to school in proper uniform and neatly dressed.
  3. See that their ward is regular and punctual to School.
  4. To see the remarks made by the teacher.
  5. Arrange conveyance for their wards if they participate in competition outside the school.


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